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A shared investment journey [Video]


06 March, 2024

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Want to get to know us a little better?

Our three Properties & Pathways directors—Cal Doggett, Justin Smith and Guy Doggett—recently stepped in front of the lens to share insights on our culture, our investment framework and our unique relationship with P&P’s valued investors—better known as our ‘co-owners.’

In the video, the director group reveals what motivates us to share the investment journey with our investors. They even divulge our investment strategy—from how we first discover an asset that appeals to us, all the way to what makes a property special enough for us to present it to our investors.

Why are we sharing so much with you?

It’s not because of our decade-plus of successful investing.

It’s not because of the milestones we continue to hit.

It’s because we believe in transparency.

Whether this is your first insight to P&P or you’ve invested with us for years (and think you know us inside and out), you’ll love the four minutes of exclusive camera time with our passionate directors.

Check it out below.

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