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Creating a shared investment journey in Australian real estate.

An investor-first commercial property syndicator in Australia, providing transparent investment journeys through managed property funds. Don’t just invest in real estate—own it, alongside us.

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Welcome to commercial real estate ownership.

Property is more than just about returns. It’s about safely moving towards lasting wealth. And sharing that journey—co-owning high-quality Australian commercial real estate that will accelerate in growth for years to come—strengthens that wealth more than a solo journey ever could. We should know: we’ve helped hundreds of investors prosper since 2012.

Welcome to commercial real estate ownership.

Your pathways to ownership

Prosper. Together.

We invest alongside each investor in every syndicate, sharing the journey and the rewards. Pooling funds in our unlisted property trusts allows us all access to a prestigious asset class that is otherwise out of reach.

Commercial property ownership

We only win when our investors win.

Whether you’re a sophisticated investor looking to park your capital in an income-focused fund or a family office adviser securing generational wealth for your client, we’re committed to creating a long-lasting partnership with you.

Investors are owners—and owners are informed.

Some syndicators keep information hidden from their investors. We disagree with this. At Properties & Pathways, we entrust every investor with confidential data about the asset they’ve co-acquired. Our fee structure aligns with the performance of the property and we provide a tailored-made investor portal—Arche—that provides 24/7 access to live property data.

Investors are owners—and owners are informed.

Protected wealth is lasting wealth.

We offer a pathway to prosperity. But beyond delivering robust returns, we believe in the safety of our investments and the security of your future wealth. That’s why we ensure your capital is protected before it’s grown.

Protected wealth is lasting wealth.

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Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Any information provided on this website has not considered the objectives, financial situation or needs of any investor; investors should consider whether it is appropriate to them to partake in a commercial property investment prior to investing, in light of their objectives, financial situation or needs. Every investor should obtain and consider the investment’s Information Memorandum before making a decision in relation to the investment.