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P&P Capital Growth Fund One

Capitalising on a once-in-a-decade residential market.

The P&P Capital Growth Fund One has fully subscribed.

P&P Capital Growth Fund One

Properties & Pathways’ first residential-focused fund—The P&P Capital Growth Fund One (CGF 1)—opened in December 2021, fully subscribing within hours of launch. The fund’s goal is to capitalise on Perth’s once-in-a-decade residential property market, targeting established assets with value-add potential.

The success of CGF 1 led to the launch of CGF 2 in February 2024.


Total Return

12.50% p.a.

IRR Hurdle Rate

4-5 years

Investment Timeline


Equity Required

Investment Highlights

Total Return: 50.00-62.50*%

Annual Cash Flow: 0%

IRR Hurdle Rate: 12.50%

Assets: 8 targeted residential properties

Investment Timeline: 4-5 years

Availability: Max. 16 investor slots

*Return stated is NET i.e. after all costs, fees, charges, etc.

Cal Doggett

We’re at a point in time; a once-in-a-decade moment to capitalise on a residential market ready to burst.

Cal Doggett

Managing Director, Properties & Pathways

Investment Strategy

  • The Trust will acquire at least 8 separate, land-rich residential dwellings, the majority of which will be capable of subdivision and all which benefit from 30 established selection criteria.
  • Each property will be acquired with thorough analysis of the capital growth history of the suburb and market analysis of comparable sales/rental rates in the relevant suburb.
  • Each acquisition focuses on robust property fundamentals which drive relevance and high buyer demand.
  • We believe the attractive purchase price and land-rich nature of each property will protect the investment over a 4-5 year horizon whilst delivering robust capital growth.

Information Memorandum

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