In 2011, Properties & Pathways was established to provide sophisticated investors the opportunity to invest in high-quality property funds alongside real estate professionals.

Offering residential property funds and commercial real estate syndicates, Properties & Pathways invests alongside each investor in every fund. This creates trust and transparency at every turn of the investment. As fellow investors, we are in it with you, bumps and all.

Why invest in a property fund?

Investing in a property fund has never been more popular. Favoured with retirees as a set and forget passive investment, and even in demand by institutional investors for the robust returns and significant opportunity for capital growth, Australians tipped $676 million in net flows over the first quarter of 2021.

Property fund managers provide a consistent flow of information to ensure you stay up to date with your investment position and understand the short- and long-term strategies that will see your property investment succeed. There are no surprises for our investors. We ensure you are comfortable with the journey we set out for each investment.

There are many pitfalls new investors fall into when investing in both residential and commercial real estate. That’s why property funds are a favourite for many looking to expand their portfolio into the real estate realm – you are looked after by professionals. Sophisticated investors, with years of experience, also turn to property funds with a stellar track record of performance.

Check out our portfolio to see what we’ve offered our investors.