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Capital Growth Funds in Australia

Looking to grow your capital safely and quickly? By putting your money in one of our capital growth-focused investments, you can watch your hard-earned savings catapult without lifting a finger.

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What is a managed capital growth fund?

Australian investors looking to create significant value from their current savings are looking to capital growth funds to catapult their wealth.

A capital growth fund is managed by property investment experts with a history of real estate investment success. As a long-time investor in commercial real estate and residential property, we aim to provide our investors with significant capital uplift from strategic value-add initiatives. These funds are all about providing robust total returns for our investors.

How investing in a capital growth fund works

After enquiring with us and reading over the Information Memorandum (IM) for one of our investment opportunities, you’ll be given the chance to apply for Units in the capital growth fund. Once your application has been approved and the commercial asset(s) held in the fund has settled, you will begin receiving regular updates on your investment’s performance.

Every investment is different, with different hold periods and expected capital uplift, but typically we will hold a capital growth investment for 4 to 7 years before divesting. When the asset is sold, the sale proceeds are collected and distributed to the fund members in accordance with their shareholding.

Typically, our capital growth funds do not provide a regular monthly income distribution, unlike our commercial property syndicates which focus on providing strong, stable yield.


How do we add value to your fund?

There are several ways we look to enhance the value of your investment:

  • Improving tenancy mix. By installing tenants to a vacant asset or increasing the quality and relevance of tenants, a property’s value can skyrocket.
  • Increasing tenancy exposure and visibility. Both office and retail assets benefit greatly from increased exposure to passing traffic, by – for example – better signage or new pylon signs.
  • Going solar. A win-win for both tenant and investor, installing solar panels to the roof of a property considerably reduces a tenants’ energy bills and adds value (and income potential) to the asset.
  • Repurposing or reconfiguring an asset. Whether adding car parking or adding an office portion to an industrial site, there are many ways to repurpose or reconfigure a commercial asset to enhance its desirability for a high-quality tenant.

Prior to establishing a value-add strategy, we consult one of Australia’s leading research and demographer organisations to provide data-backed evidence of the asset’s ability to significantly increase in value.

To find out how both sophisticated investors are building lasting wealth investing alongside us, get in touch with our team today.

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Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Any information provided on this website has not considered the objectives, financial situation or needs of any investor; investors should consider whether it is appropriate to them to partake in a commercial property investment prior to investing, in light of their objectives, financial situation or needs. Every investor should obtain and consider the investment’s Information Memorandum before making a decision in relation to the investment.