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How to invest in Residential Property Trusts

Residential property trusts allow investors the chance to invest in high quality residential property alongside the professionals. Investing in property funds has tripled in popularity since COVID-19. Find out if it could be a smart investment for you.

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Australia’s residential property market is incredibly competitive. Investors are commonly outbid on residential property investments, which is why residential property trusts have soared in popularity since the beginning of 2021.Investing in a residential property trust gives you the power to invest in big league residential real estate alongside the professionals.

Residential property trusts, also known as property funds and property syndicates, are allowing sophisticated investors a way to effortlessly and safely invest in residential real estate, earning both peace of mind and a prosperous retirement.

Why invest in a residential property trust?

Secure investments regulated by ASIC

As a residential property fund, Properties & Pathways has an AFSL (Australian Financial Services Licence) to ensure our audited investments meet ASIC standards and compliance requirements. This keeps us accountable and keeps your property investment protected.

Stable returns in a passive investment

Residential property funds offer stable, secure income, as well as considerable capital gains opportunities. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your investment is safe, as our dedicated property management team ensure your rental income comes through the door today and tomorrow.

Tax effective investment

The structure of a property fund is one of the most tax-effective ways to invest in Australian real estate. Investors partake by purchasing units in a unit trust. With a depreciation schedule provided at the end of every financial year, you may find large tax deductions alongside your robust returns.

Invest alongside professionals

Properties & Pathways invests alongside each investor in every property fund, sharing the journey and the rewards alongside our investors. This promotes trust and transparency, and is why we have such a high reinvestment rate across our completed syndicates.

To learn more about investing alongside us in high quality property investments, get in touch today.

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