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Unlisted Direct Property Funds

Exclusive unlisted direct property funds in Australia

Join hundreds of sophisticated investors investing in Australia’s most transparent unlisted direct property funds.

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Properties & Pathways provides sophisticated investors the opportunity to invest in high quality Australian real estate via structured unlisted property funds. We offer safe and secure direct property investment opportunities, and we invest alongside each investor in every investment.

By investing with us in an unlisted direct property fund, Australian wholesale investors and sophisticated investors can expect:

  • A rigorous due diligence investigation on every property
  • End-to-end asset management
  • A proven track record of results
  • Passive income from long-term commercial leases
  • Capital appreciation opportunities
  • Transparency and swift communication on all decisions related to your investment

We take an interest in every unlisted property fund, and share our expertise and rewards with each investor.

Want to see our existing funds? Check out our investment opportunties.

“Investing in an unlisted property fund is a smart way to build wealth and secure a prosperous retirement.”

Cal Doggett, Managing Director

What is an unlisted property fund?

An unlisted direct property fund is a smart, safe, and secure investment avenue for sophisticated investors looking for passive income. We invest in many commercial asset types – including office, retail, and industrial premises – with a focus on diversification to ensure our investors’ capital is secure.

A property fund is also known as a property syndicate, and is a great way for investors to acquire big league property. Each fund is structured as a unit trust, the most tax-effective investment structure in Australia. Because every fund is managed by the fund manager, from due diligence to divestment, investors receive peace of mind from a set and forget passive income investment.

We look for direct property investments which provide stable yields on long-term leases, and we never present a real estate investment opportunity to our investors unless it has surpassed our strict investment criteria.

Our exclusive property investments are available to wholesale investors and sophisticated investors only. Get in touch today to find out how you can invest alongside us.

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Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Any information provided on this website has not considered the objectives, financial situation or needs of any investor; investors should consider whether it is appropriate to them to partake in a commercial property investment prior to investing, in light of their objectives, financial situation or needs. Every investor should obtain and consider the investment’s Information Memorandum before making a decision in relation to the investment.