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Join hundreds of Wholesale & Sophisticated Investors by investing with Australia’s most transparent commercial property investment company.

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At Properties & Pathways, we invest alongside wholesale investors and sophisticated investors in high quality Australian commercial real estate. With a 90% reinvestment rate on our completed unlisted property trusts, you’ll be sure your long-term wholesale real estate investment with us is safe, secure, and rewarding.

By investing with us, Australian wholesale investors and sophisticated investors can expect:

  • A proven track record of results.
  • Passive income from stable commercial property yields.
  • Capital growth opportunities as a result of smart decision making and value-add investment strategies.
  • Transparency and swift communication on all decisions related to your investment.
  • Access to a network of property professionals all around Australia, and existing investor testimonials.

We take an interest in every wholesale real estate investment, and share our expertise and rewards with each investor.

Want to see our previous investments? Check out our properties under management.

Do you qualify as a Wholesale Investor?

Wholesale investors typically invest with a long-term outlook. In Australia, property is among the most popular investments for wholesale real estate investors, with commercial real estate now a major investment vehicle for those looking for stable yields and capital growth opportunities.

Sometimes known as institutional investors, sophisticated investors and wholesale investors must satisfy the below requirements to invest with us in an exclusive wholesale investment:

  1. Hold assets of at least $2.5 million (AUD); or
  2. Have had an income of at least $250,000 (AUD) per annum over the past two years; or
  3. Control a company or trust which meets the requirements of either item 1 or 2 (above); or
  4. Invest over $500,000 into a Properties & Pathways syndicate.

Our exclusive investments are available to wholesale investors and sophisticated investors only. Get in touch today to find out how you can invest alongside us.

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Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Any information provided on this website has not considered the objectives, financial situation or needs of any investor; investors should consider whether it is appropriate to them to partake in a commercial property investment prior to investing, in light of their objectives, financial situation or needs. Every investor should obtain and consider the investment’s Information Memorandum before making a decision in relation to the investment.