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Investing in Unlisted Property Trusts

Unlisted property trusts are managed investment schemes which allow you to invest in Australian commercial real estate, without the hassles of doing it alone and without the huge capital outlay. What’s the benefit to you? Stable cash flow and potential capital gains.

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Unlisted property trusts are known for providing high yields in a safe investment environment. Unlisted property funds, also known as property syndicates, commercial property unit trusts, and unlisted direct property funds, give many Australian investors an alternative to share investing and residential property investment, and can be a great addition to any portfolio. A unit trust is one of the safest and most tax effective types of property investment trust structures out there.

It can be expensive and complicated to invest in commercial real estate alone. But investing alongside an unlisted property trust which is compliant under an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) gives investors a secure and simple way to own commercial property.

Why invest in unlisted property trusts?

Secure investments regulated by ASIC

As a leading provider of unlisted property funds, Properties & Pathways has an AFSL (Australian Financial Services Licence) to ensure our audited investments meet ASIC standards and compliance requirements. This keeps us accountable and keeps your investment protected.

Stable returns in passive investments

Property funds give you stable, secure income. Lease terms are often long, sometimes 10 to 15 years, and ironclad tenancy agreements help ensure your rental income comes through the door today and tomorrow.

Tax effective investment

Like many investment trust structures, investing an unlisted property trust provides investors with many tax advantages. Because the trust itself does not pay tax, the beneficiaries include the income distributions from the trust in their own personal tax returns. The income is then taxed at each beneficiary’s relevant income tax rate.

Invest alongside experts

We invest alongside you in our unlisted property trusts. This creates transparency and helps us exceed your expectations. We are your partner in the investment, and we communicate every major decision with you throughout the lifetime of the syndicate. This is why our completed syndicates have an 88% reinvestment rate.

We are in this together

Find out how you can take part in a passive commercial property investment, with stable returns and a trusted management team. Contact our team today.

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Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Any information provided on this website has not considered the objectives, financial situation or needs of any investor; investors should consider whether it is appropriate to them to partake in a commercial property investment prior to investing, in light of their objectives, financial situation or needs. Every investor should obtain and consider the investment’s Information Memorandum before making a decision in relation to the investment.